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System restore will not work and sais due to Eset.

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 This is the closest thing I could find via google, today I caught a virus and  thing is I didn't even run any kind of exe and eset caught it as it was downloading 
So I figured to do a system restore just to be safe. 
This is the error I got after I sat here for a hour n half mind you this is a M.2 NVME drive I rewrote some of the BIos through tutorial to boot from M.2 Drive on older UEFI system, Windows installation only takes 4 minutes and change. So not sure why that was so long.

Yesterday i refused to install an update because computer would not get out of updating sat for 3 hours, so I hard reset it manually and went into system repair. 

Neway, this is the error I got just a little bit ago on why system restore couldn't be done. 


I had saw in the other guys post you wanted a windows log. If a log would help you, what part of it would you need?

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Looks like Windows was attempting to restore a file / module while ESET self-defence was active. You can temporarily disable Self-defense in the advanced setup, reboot Windows and try doing a system restore again. Eventually re-enable self-defense and reboot the system.

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My advice for a trouble free system restore operation is to do exactly what the Windows pop-up states; run system restore from the Win 10 recovery environment per below screen shot. Once the recovery environment starts, perform system restore as shown in this article: https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/system-restore-rollback-windows-10-recovery-options/


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i reported something similar back in October as i stated there, it failed restoring a similar file although it was completed successfully judging by the restored drivers/programs.

disabling the program's defenses can be a bit time consuming or a user might not want to disable them, can the logic behind HIPS be improved not to block such operations or not to interfere with them?

back in 2015 i reported it again and was told that it would be fixed, i guess the fix isn't fully functional?

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As far as I am aware of, System Restore when run from a Windows installation has never worked properly with Eset installed.

This fact is noted in this Eset KB article stating that System Restore should be run from either Win Safe or Recovery Environment mode: https://support.eset.com/en/kb2399-using-windows-system-restore-to-resolve-issues-with-windows-eset-corruption-or-malware

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Posted (edited)
21 minutes ago, itman said:

As far as I am aware of, System Restore when run from a Windows installation has never worked properly with Eset installed.

You're right Itman.

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