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Check which workstations need updates

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Using Cloud and wonder how to easily check which workstations need to be updated with respect to the security agent or the management agent.  At the moment I need to check each station individually via "show details" but assume there must be an easier way.

I realise that I can see the version under computers overview but this does not provide info on the management agent. I also see that there is a pre-configured option to show computers with outdated modules though this does not show anything for me even though some pc need updating.


edit:  Just found the answer in Overview / Status

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Found the answer
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  • ESET Staff

As you probably found out, most basic information is available in main dashboard, in the following section:

which also offers possibility to manually upgrade outdated ESET components.
There is also dashboard named "ESET Applications" which do provides more detailed view of how many and what version of ESET products are outdated.

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Thank you Martin - I found this myself just after posting the query but was not able to delete the post, so I just edited it instead.  I have not made use of the Dashboard/Eset Application info - thanks for pointing this out.

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