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Problems Connecting To Internet With Eset Active

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i received a new modem from time warner which includes wifi. when i boot up my computer, i am unable to get on the internet even though my computer shows i have a connection. if i uninstall eset and reboot, the problem is resolved. i tried suggested method2 which allows all traffic, but this did not solve the problem. help!!!!!!!

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After you install ESET, make sure you add your local subnet to the trusted zone, and ensure your router ip is among the trusted as well.

If you still have troubles, you might have other drivers conflicting on your computer and i would either use Sysinspector to find them, built into Smart security for free, or contact customer care with a support ticket or by phone.

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When reporting an issue, please always include information, such as:

- the product name and its version (e.g. ESET Smart Security 7.0.317.0)

- the operating system and platform (e.g. Windows 7 x64)

- information about installed modules from the About window.


If a connection is being blocked and disabling the firewall helps, please continue as follows:

- enable logging of blocked connections and advanced PCAP logging in the IDS setup

- clear the firewall log

- restart the computer

- reproduce the problem

- post your firewall log here (if too large, attach it as a text file).

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Having trouble surfing, seeing a lot of the spinning wheel on my MacBook Pro - which is new. Just put in ESET for first time so I'm thinking it is related.

What is the local subnet - where does one find this

What is the trusted zone - where does one find this

And and even dumber question where is router ip - where does one find it? Is this the same as my IP address the computer?

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Hello and welcome,


It would probably be better if you started a new thread here concerning ECS: https://forum.eset.com/forum/26-eset-cyber-security-for-mac/


Or post in this recently started thread if your surfing problem is similar:  https://forum.eset.com/topic/2937-surfing-freezes-–-version-6/



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