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Good day!

Our company uses Eset Security Management Center to scan mail threats on mail servers. We have a problem with recipient selection when the Mail Threat Protection component sends a log (mailto:? From = DXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXna <dXXXXXXz@scanroc.ua> &to=dXXXXXXz@scanroc.ua&subject=Fwd: Order PO: 70384 & date = Mon, 5 Jul 2021 13:25:17 + 0300 & attachment = order.xlsx), where the sender and the recipient are the same. Postal data of the sender from Ukraine. Our company is located in Kazakhstan. Here we cannot understand where the letter was actually addressed. According to previous logs from other senders, everything is displayed correctly.

ESMC Version 7.2 (7.2.2236.0)

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In order to find out the actual SMTP server from which the email originated, you will need to check the email headers. Are you referring to a log generated by ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange or to the email protection which is part of Endpoint?

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