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ffffffff.fff virus

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Guest Michael

ffffffff.fff virus, has anyone cone across this and been able to remove it at all, it has infected my flash drive/stick renamed all files to ffffffff.fff and given them a size of 1.59 GB all fake abvously if you do a file check they are 0 size..


Still I need my files back ive run all malware removal I can find and nod32 doesnt see the problem... files have a hidden status if I try to change them back from hidden ieven in shae mode it wont allow me to do so..


help please!!



michael .


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  • ESET Moderators


Are you certain this was the result of malware? This sounds more like a file system corruption issue, non-malware related.

You might want to try running a data recovery program against the USB flash drive and see what it reports.


Aryeh Goretsky

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I've found several reports of it, for instance, in the Czech malware forum www.viry.cz. Unfortunately, even the experts there could not come up with a solution and the user had to reinstall the OS and format the USB flash. I'm willing to connect to the computer remotely and check it out myself.

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