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Dynamic Group Templates querys only for online Computers

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Hello, i want create a Dynamic Group, that shows me all Computers with older Eset Agents.
With this list i want update the Computers step by step.

The Problem is, that this group shows only online computers. Is this possible to filter/query all computers in the database?
So even computers that have not been turned on for a few days.

I already thought of creating a report but in the view you can't assign a task to multiple computers, only one at a time.

Kind regards




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Dynamic groups are not evaluated on the server but by agent on clients. First, agent receives a list of DG with the appropriate expressions. Then it evaluates the membership of the machine in DG and sends this information to the server.

That said, the server cannot receive the membership in DG from machines that are turned off.

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ok, thank you very much for this info but how can i search for all old Agents in the Database?

I want to have a list that I can run a task on. I guess that only works with Dynamic Groups because only there you can select multiple machines at the same time.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, you can target a task to a single computer, static group (even group all), dynamic group, or multiselect all available computers in a view. 

One option how to filter "only connected" computers, is to navigate to dashboard "computers" and select the ones that have "relative time interval" value "today", and then click on any "computer name" and click "open in computers page". That would filter you out only the active / connected computers, however is limited to 100 rows only. I have talked with the devs, and they have told me, that it will be possible to add such filter also in the main "computers" view (most likely in some future releases). 

What you can also do, is to create a new report template, with symbols "computer name", "last connected" and filter it out by "last connected - relative time interval" set to "last day". That will filter out only the machines, that have recently connected. Template for import is attached. 

Report Templates export 2021-07-08 09-54-22.dat

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