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Deploying Endpoint security via Workspace One MDM


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I'm deploying Endpoint Security to MAC OS devices that are managed via our Workspace One MDM.  I've created a configuration file on the MDM and it all works as expected.  The only problem the user still gets the message

 ""ESET Endpoint Security" Would Like to Filter Network Content" 

The user has to click "allow" otherwise the web access protection will not work

My question is, Is there a way to make this a completely silent installation for the user? - I don't want them to have any intervention but I can't find a way to do this

MAC OS Big Sur 11.4

ESET Security 6.10.910.0



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I also use WS1 but I deploy ESET via Munki. I think there so far isn't a profile payload that would allow this to be bypassed without user interaction.

And with Apples stance to privacy it is possible there never will be.


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There's a great guide here using plist or you can setup using PPPC profile (privacy preferences profile) and system extension (for Big Sur+) and kernel extension for (Catalina and below)


here's a snippet on how this needs to look like for PPPC



and this for System Extension (ie proxy allowance)


This will take some time to apply unfortunately so test on your sandbox (VM or non production laptop) first

ps. It took us 6 months to finally get it work, mainly on our own 😕 

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Thanks @dav3B4st I seem to have the same settings as you and it works except that I still get the pop up:

""ESET Endpoint Security" Would Like to Filter Network Content" 

Do you not get the pop-up?

I have noticed that ESET have updated their documentation and added the following:



Have you created a content filter configuration as well?  I'm not sure where to create this in WorkSpace One?

Thank you

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tbh it just works when all those are added, mind you there are problems with M1 macs and big sur 11.2 - 11.4 fixes that. also no problem with Intel-based Macs on BigSur.

What you might try is to scrap the system extension profile and rebuilt from scratch with values from the guide and try then. From my experience with WS One, rebuilding App, Profile etc seems to do the trick (not sure why adding version doesn't work, but hey, it's not Jamf ;) )

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