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Need Help with setting up a startup scan

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On Eset Protect Cloud most of the workstations are automatically scanned on startup / balanced and this is fine with me. One workstation however has two partitions on the boot drive , the "active" OS and a second partition having some images stored. ( I realise that if this drive gets corrupted the data is gone too) . The startup scan is taking ages because after finishing the usual scan on the c: drive the scan moves to the other partition. Is there any way to restrict the scanning to the c: drive?

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Startup scans do not scan whole drives but only files in autostart locations. Scans that can scan whole drives are standard scheduled scans. However, no on-demand scan is scheduled by default.

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Sorry Marcos,  my terminology is probably wrong -  please see attached screenshot.  It has been set up via policy to run at startup and where most pc scan quickly, this one takes several hours each time. I suspect this is due to the split partition and the images on the second partition which I don't need to have scanned.


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