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ESET HTTP Proxy version


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We have an ESMC Server in our internal network and public facing HTTP proxy for roaming clients. I just finished the upgrade of the ESMC server to ESET PROTECT using the all-in-one installer. I wanted to do the same for the HTTP Proxy following this guide: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/apache_http_proxy_upgrade.html?upgrade_apache_http_proxy_windows_instructions_allinone.html

However, when I run the installer it does not detect that there is a HTTP Proxy installed therefore I can't proceed. I am aware that there is manual upgrade process, but I just wanted to check with you guys whether an upgrade is necessary at all. I can see that roaming clients already started to communicate through the proxy. Looking at the Apache service details, the version is 2.4.43, is this version supported with ESET PROTECT? Would you expect any issues if I leave it as it is?

Your advice will be much appreciated.


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  • ESET Staff

If I recall correctly, there were no changes in functionality, nor configuration between this and latest release of HTTP proxy, except that underlying third-party components (Apache https, openssl) were upgraded due to vulnerabilities/security issues in those components - but I do not recall any that were actually affecting functionalities used but this components...

Also I am not sure why upgrade is not working as expected, but in case default configuration was used, uninstallation + installation of new version should do the trick. Even in case configuration was modified (for example by adding port and hostname configuration specific to your network), migration to new version should be very simple, as configuration file was almost not changed between versions...

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Hello Martin,

Thank you for your prompt response. If the functionality is not affected I would prefer staying with the current version as we have a lot of users which can't connect to the ESET Protect server directly and I don't want to risk messing up the HTTP proxy and losing visibility over them.

What I find really difficult is to check whether my proxy is up to date. With the old ERA proxy you were able to see it as installed product and you can see what's the version of your proxy and what's the latest one available. But with the HTTP proxy, I can't find anywhere in the documentation which proxy version should be used with ESMC/ESET Protect and how I can check it.

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