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No password reset email ever received

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I logged in to My Eset for the first time in a while, and was greeted with a warning that "Password reset is required". Does this mean Eset was hacked?

In any case, when I click on the "Reset password" button, no email is ever received.

I know Eset is able to send me emails to that address, because I receive emails from them all the time, most recently this month I got a marketing email from them.

Is Eset's password reset system broken?

How can I reset my password and log in to my account if I never get a password reset email from them?

Please advise.

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Yes, it's definitely the right URL.

So how do I access my account?

I have a valid ESET username, password and license key, but I can't log in without a password reset, and it won't send me the link.

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We see the password reset email delivered to you (nxxx2@sxxxxx.org) on the following dates / time:


Please contact your local ESET distributor to help you with resetting the password.

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Does the log say that the message was actually delivered, rather than just sent? Was there a bounce message?

Like I said, I get other email from ESET all the time, but the password reset messages are just not there, and there's nothing in my junk folder.

What are the contact details for ESET UK, assuming that's my local distributor?



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Have you checked your junk? I know sometimes I get emails from a company fine but some emails from the same company end up in junk mail 

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