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Could Owa 365 sending errors be related with ESET?

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Good Morning

We are detecting some random errors while sending messages through OWA.

"too many concurrent connections opened" 

This happen randomly to few our users (2% of total) and NOT located in the same network. We are on Exchange Online and end users use Owa only


Could this issue be related with our ESET Protect Server setting (mail scan or similar)?

I found this KB but it should be related to exchange on-prem 

Thank you  

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Hello @GiovanniB,


Is the customer able to reproduce the issue on-demand or does it happen randomly?
I guess a system reboot resolves it, or?


If the issue occurs it would be worth checking how many connections are opened to the OWA.
If too many I would collect set of logs with ESET Log Collector and dump from ESET service (ekrn) and submit a ticket to have it checked.


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