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limited Direct Cloud connectivity

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i download and install latest version of eset ( and set settings in the application statuses section.

setting is:

  • uncheck Limited Direct Cloud connectivity
  • uncheck The ESET Push Notification Service servers cannot be reached

after i disconnect internet for between one and two hours, I checked my computer when i heard the notification sound and i noticed the Limited Direct Cloud connectivity notification, But i had already disabled it!

Is this a bug now? Or will this notification still be displayed by disabling the Limited Direct Cloud connectivity option?


Photos attached




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The above option shouldn't change the application status to yellow, if disabled. If enabled, the application status would turn yellow.

Note that you're in the application statuses setup, don't confuse it with notifications.

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Excellent, I thought disabling this section would work for both.
So there is currently no way to disable notifications for this notification.
But it is good if this possibility is added in the next versions.


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