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Advantage Of Using Ras And Ldap?

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Just wondering what the advantages would be as opposed to just simply deploying to an ip/hostname when known?  We have a relatively small network ~<100 workstations, and currently using pdqdeploy to deploy the install (remote install wasn't working very well since we're using LDAP and don't have a 'domain user' that I can use to login to all machines). 

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Using Pdqdeploy, you can also push out the configuration xml files with the msi's which will in turn set the correct settings as defined in the xml.

The xml needs to be in the same directory as the MSI and eset will pull the settings automatically. This only works on Endpoint versions.

Name the xml 'config.xml'


Of course policy is the best way  :) 


Keep in mind you don't need AD necessarily to deploy using ERAC, it will work regardless even using Windows Network and you can set the local admin user:pass on each deploy.

So essentially you don't really need pdqdeploy either. However it will work great if your pushing the config files too.

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