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Update ESET Endpoint AV 7.0 with offline file

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Hello all,

I have Windows 10 and ESET Endpoint antivirus version 7.0.2073.1 . I'm trying to update with offline file (weekly_eav64_levels.rar) but I keep getting an error "An error occured while downloading update files". Update file is in C:\ESET (unzipped, only the files are in there) and the update settings in advance setup are as follow (basicaly I've only changed Custom server):





Whatever I've tried (inserting \\local-pc\c$\ESET or making eset shared and using \\local-pc\eset) I keep getting the same error.


How can I achieve offline update? Note that in versions 5 and 6 I did the same steps (accordingly to each version, and with the appropriate offline file) and everything worked fine.


Thanks in advance,


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Please clarify why you are using micro updates and not updates from a mirror. That would make sense basically only if the computer is at a place with very expensive Internet connectivity (typically ships with a satellite connection). Otherwise you should transfer the content of the mirror to the offline machine and update it from there. If the computer can access another computer with Internet connection, we recommend using an https proxy to cache update files.

We recommend upgrading Endpoint to the latest version v8. Endpoint versions older than v7.3 will not work with future updates of Windows 10.

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Hello Marcos,

Exactly for that. ESET is on a pc on a vessel without network connection. And the update is done using a usb stick.

Anyway I upgraded to v8 (without changing anything in settings) and it worked.






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