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[Mail Security] Submit E-Mail not detected as Spam

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Servus Community,

we currently receive very frequent e-mails with calendar invitations, which are not recognized as spam. Since the sender address is different, it is difficult for me to create a filter for it myself. Can I send a few of these emails to samples[at]eset.com with a request to review them for inclusion in a spam pattern or is this email address only for malware? Is there another way to send an email to Eset for review?

Thx & Bye Tom


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16 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Please check https://support.eset.com/en/kb141 for instructions how to submit undetected spam.

Additionally you can send the emails in the eml or msg format to me as well.

I attached a Zip-File with some sample emails. There is now only one email with an invitation but a few others that somehow have to do with it, because the name of the sender is the same everywhere. The password for the zip file is infected. I'm still sending the files following the instructions you posted above.

Thanks for your attention


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The link in the spam emails was blocked today at 12:06 CEST. However, the IP address had been blacklisted for a while already but it depends a lot on your antispam setup if the spam was to be detected based on the IP or not.

Therefore I'd recommend opening a support ticket and providing the following when you come across unrecognized spam:

1, ELC logs (I assume you use EMSX)

2, Undetected spam samples.

Subsequently with the help ESET HQ developers your local ESET distributor should be able to tell how to improve spam detection in your environment.

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