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System cleaner's cleaning items

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Guest Lara

What does system cleaner do/clean mainly ?

Does it clean everything in C-drive ?

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Eset's System Cleaner feature primary function is to reset Windows settings back to default values. The "Cleaner" reference in my opinion is misleading.

Also as the Help for this feature states, it should not be run w/o Eset tech support instruction to do so. System Cleaner's primary purpose is to remove system modifications made by malware. However, many also perform custom modifications to Windows system settings and those will be removed when System Cleaner is run.

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I should also add system cleaner doesn't tell you what changes it does and there is no undo feature so like Itman has mentioned, avoid this unless you are trying to restore changes made my malware and Eset support has recommended it 

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the only way to undo the changes it does, assuming there's no malware involved, is to use the System Restore tool and select a restore point before the day/time that the System Cleaner was run.

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