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Firewall Dos Logs?

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So I sometimes get attacked by a DDoS attack.

So I contacted my ISP to change my ip.

To get proof that I am getting DDoSed they need to have firewall logs.

I have been DDoSed today and I didn't really see anything special in the 'personal firewall'.

Is there any way to get these DOS logs?

English is not my first language sorry if you do not understand.

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Maybe you can find some logs here:



But I wasn't able to test it - fortunately.

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I'm guessing you have a cable modem connected directly into your LAN?


You could;

1) Make a rule of IPs that is DDoS (Providing you have the IPs)

2) Check the settings, Open up EAST on the Task Bar -> Logs -> Filters -> Time Period (Choose the one that suites you needs) :)



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