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Mom rooted my phone, then took W prot. Off CB, things weird now

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Pretty sure whatever we did screwed stuff up. 

No, we're not a fancy business or tech company working on super secret stuff, but i figure the amount of people who are able to get as far as successfully rooting a device... Then allow them to sync to cloud services -- thinking "well it's the easiest or only way i can do xyz" or do this special unique thing... 


With bug bounties, exploits and assholes at Chrome boasting invincibility and "unhackable -or prove it" mentality (and sizeable rewards )..i could see now how my mom was getting played for years before i got curious and dumb enough to see what would happen by passing the love to a Chromebook through a terminal and shared storage.....

If this doesn't sound plausible or maybe paranoid like the average bunch that comes through here no doubt, don't reply..

But why the fk can i see everything only from memory but never from user space . It's so frustrating. 


Can you guys deal with something like that?


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This is not a kind of quick question that this forum is intended for. You can sign up for this forum and re-post in the General forum if you want to hear others' opinion on that.

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