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Error When Sending Notifications

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Running ESET RA 5.0.242. I had originally set up a notification system that worked. It notified every time a PC received a threat.


I noticed that it stopped sending the notifications, so I went to investigate, and I now receive the error message "Error Code 20270, 1" when I try to send a test email. I reset all the settings in the server options to no avail.


Now, NOTHING has changed in my environment. I tested SMTP communication from the RA server, and I establish a connection without an issue. So, this error is most certainly software-related.


Has anyone had this issue before? I would really like my notifications to start again, so I don't have to log in to see if there have been any threats.

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Please upgrade Remote Administrator to the latest version, 5.2.22. For directions on this process, please use the link below:


How do I upgrade ESET Remote Administrator to the latest version?


After upgrading Remote Administrator server and console, verify if the notification is working correctly. If it is still not working, delete the existing rule, and recreate the notification.


Thank you,


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