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ESET Enterprise Inspector version 1.6.1716 has been released

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Release date: June 1, 2021

ESET Enterprise Inspector 1.6.1716 has been released.

The installer is now available for download from the download page.


  • Added: Granular User Access rights (permission sets in ESET PROTECT)

  • Added: Incidents view

  • Added: Remote Connection method

  • Added: Reduction of “Detection overload”:

    • Learning mode

    • Protection against noisy Rules

    • Default Exclusions suggestions

    • Profile based configuration in installer to setup the product for various user types

    • Choice of 3 preset Profiles

    • Choice of Rules to enable based on four Severity levels

    • Choice of Data collection options

    • Choice of Data retention periods

    • Change of default views

  • Improved: Database improvements:

    • Event Filters created automatically for noisy Computers

    • DB Purge process improvement

    • Display estimated DB required space on Dashboard

    • Warning for sub-optimal DB configuration

    • Warning in case of insufficient space

  • Improved: User Interface improvements

    • Notifications view

    • Improved Details view

    • Filtering in Raw Events view

    • Categorization for Rules

    • Display PEDrop module hash in UI

  • Improved: Detection capabilities improvements

    • Ability to detect login brute-force

    • Ability to detect misuse of trusted DLLs

    • Ability to monitor discovery techniques using WMI GetObject method

    • Re-evaluation of Rules severity values (based on latest telemetry statistics)

    • Change of Ruleset to reflect compromised flag

  • Improved: REST API improvements

    • Ability to disable/enable Rules

    • Ability to create/manage Exclusions

    • Ability to trigger Network Isolation

    • Added Trigger Event for Detections

    • Ability to upload a list of hashes to be blocked

    • Ability to update Computer state

  • Other improvements:

    • Ease of deployment – All-in-one installer with EI Agent (ESET PROTECT 8.1 required)

    • Performance and scaling improvements


Known Issues:

As of version 1.6, we are introducing a new feature, "Optional Rules". There is a separate group of rules that are not enabled by default, yet they are installed by the installer but in a disabled state. Users can decide for these rules if they suit their environment and enable them manually.

Having this feature, we have decided to move some of the existing rules to the "Optional" category. It means some of the existing rules enabled in your environment may, after the installation, become disabled because they are updated with the new version of the rule, which is optional now. Please check disabled rules after the upgrade from previous versions if some of the rules you want to have enabled were not disabled by this mechanism.

Support Resources:

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