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'Activity feed' only posted with 'Startup scan in progress' for the first device activated of a license.


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I have been sent here by ESET Customer Service <technical at support.eset.com>


my.eset.com Activity feed not posted with 'Startup scan in progress' for each device on a license.

It would appear that only the first device activated is being posted.

It also does not appear if I request  Run now from the ESET Scheduler for devices other than the first device activated.

A user invoked Computer Scan results in 'Scan is running' for each device on a license regardless of activation date..

Have tried uninstall then reinstall. (A once only 'Scan in progress' is present for each device installed or reinstalled on license even ones that later do not post 'Startup scan in progress'.)

I have deleted and recreated my.ESET.com account.

I have availed myself of a much more extensive  uninstall/reinstall of ESET Internet Security which included use of esetuninstaller.exe from an elevated Command Prompt in Safe Mode.

Three Windows devices all running Windows 10 20H2 (2 - Home; 1 - Pro)

Thank You


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