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For which devices do I need to buy a licence

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as the title says I am a little bit unsure about how many licences would need to buy. We plan to use ESET Protect complete and we have 13 Workstations and 3 Servers used total by 13 Users. Each of the users owns a mobile device as well, meaning a total of 13 mobile devices.

How many licences do we need?


Best regards



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Hello @Heslacher

In this case, ESET Licensing policy works in a way, that licenses are issued "per device". Meaning, if you have 13 workstations, 3 servers and 13 mobile devices, you need a license for total 29 seats.  ESET PROTECT complete bought with quantity 29 will allow you to: 

  • activate 29 desktops / mobiles / servers (mix and match) 
  • activate 29x Full Disk Encryption Clients 
  • activate 29x ESET Dynamic Threat Defense Cloud Sandbox
  • Protect 29* 1,2 users of Office 365 / equal amount of mailboxes on on premises hosted Exchange / Domino server. 

If you have just 13 employees, you can theoretically do it in a way, that you buy a license with QTY 13 of ESET PROTECT COMPLETE + another license of QTY 13 (or 16 to cover also the servers) for ESET PROTECT ENTRY, that might allow you to activate / cloud manage the mobile devices. 

So, per: https://www.eset.com/de/business/small-and-medium/

  • 29 QTY license for ESET PROTECT Complete = approx 1400 € / year


  • 13 QTY license for ESET PROTECT Complete = approx 713 € / year 
  • 16 QTY license for ESET PROTECT Entry = approx 548 € / year 

Hope that this helps.



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