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Mute ESET MDM Alert: Blocked applications not uninstalled from the device

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Guest Gintaras



How do I mute a single alert.

Cant find how to do it on ESET Protect console.

Will not going to uninstall system applications, that is a bit to much.


Best regards,


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Please sign up for the forum and re-post in the appropriate product subforum. Also provide information about what application was detected and under what name so that we can check if it's not FP and if it's relatively safe to ignore it.

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Guest Gintaras

Is there no simple solution that I could toggle such as mute the alert?

Applications such as: Options, Google play stuff, maps, photos, YouTube Music and others, phone, calendar and others.

This is the device that should only be used as terminal with kiosk mode in the browser.


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