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problem with new admin in EEE Admin


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We have a problem with add new admin in EEE Server. We add user and role but when user try to log in receive error message:

 stack : ReferenceError: success is not defined
    at callback (eval at success (https://xxx/dlpes/js/pl-PL/dlpes_core.js?3.0.0:11:26), :84:20)
    at e.Flyweight.afterFx (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-all.js?3.0.0:18:46372)
    at e.Flyweight. (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-all.js?3.0.0:18:43586)
    at g.AnimBase. (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:21059)
    at g.AnimBase.m (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:21739)
    at h.Event.fire (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-all.js?3.0.0:18:3699)
    at g.AnimBase.m (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:23061)
    at h.Event.fire (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-all.js?3.0.0:18:3699)
    at Object.unRegister (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:23522)
    at Object.stop (https://xxx/dlpes/extjs/ext-base.js?3.0.0:1:23784)
message : success is not defined


Triend on few pc's. Older users can log in to the server without problems. 



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  • ESET Staff

Hello there,

What version of the EEE Server do you have installed currently? The latest available to download is version 3.2.2. If you are using an older version, please upgrade and try again and let me know if the issue still occurs.

Please refer to this knowledgebase article for guidance on upgrading your EEE Server: https://support.eset.com/en/kb7402

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