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ESET antivirus flaged my website for malware

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recently I found out that if you access my website with ESET antivirus installed on your computer 
the ESET software warns you about malware on that website.


I scanned the site with various online scanners. No one reported anything wrong. 
Only VirusTotal reported that my page was blacklisted by Eset for malware. 
On the other hand, a scan from the sucuri.net page showed that everything is ok even on the Eset list as well. 
I have to admit I’m a little confused.



I also contacted the hosting provider and they also found nothing.

Could you help me find the malware script or is it possible that the site is false positive.

What can I do to remove my page from the Eset blacklist?

Pictures attached, and my website link: https://daisy-fashion.si/

Thanks in advance for your help


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