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Unable to unlock anti-theft

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I'm having trouble unlocking my smartphone.
-Even though I reset the password, I cannot open it with that password.
・ I don't know how to unlock.
Please tell me how to unlock it!
Since I changed my smartphone carrier, I replaced the sim card.
After that, when I restarted my smartphone, Anti-Theft worked and I was asked for a password.
I typed all the passwords I could think of, but I don't have the credentials, and if I forget the password, I set a new password and type the password, but I don't have the credentials. It will be.
Therefore, I thought that it would be removed if the protection was released, so I disconnected the smartphone from the license screen (https://my.eset.com/licenses/detail/*****) on the PC side.
However, anti-theft support still remained and could not be unlocked.

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