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Install fails due to MSI.1601 error

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I have a HP workstation that runs Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. It is nearing the end of its useful life, but I still use it for various legacy software that requires Windows 7 in order to work properly. I hadn't turned on this machine for a while. When I fired it up, I received notice that the NOD32 license had expired. I was going to renew it, but then got off on other tasks and forgot. The machine eventually started blue screening, which I traced to the NOD32 software. I uninstalled Nod32, and the blue screens went away. Once I got the machine stabilized - it now runs fine - I bought another Eset license and tried to reinstall.

Not working: I already used the Eset Uninstaller and Uninstaller (Safe Mode, Run as Administrator) fix tools. I cannot get NOD32 to install beyond the Preparing Application window within Windows 7 - I get the "lack of permissions" error - from the version 12 installer I downloaded - recommended by Eset for Windows 7. From Safe Mode with Networking, I can get most of the way through the install process, which stalls out and fails at the "Installing Services" screen, 65% done, resulting in the error notice with the Win.1601 tag.

I have tried the variousd fixes I found online involving Windows Installer Service - no change in behavior.
No malware found on system via Malwarebytes check. I have also tried disabling Windows Defender - also no change in install failures.


TIA for your help!


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Thanks. I downloaded the Log Collector and attempted to run it. It rujns for a while and then fails, as shown here:

[16:13:19 PM] === Network configuration ===
[16:13:19 PM] "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" /c chcp 65001 > nul & "C:\Windows\system32\ipconfig.exe" /all
[16:13:19 PM] ERROR: Failed to execute command


Also, had to uncheck SysInspector, as not present on system.

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