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Password Manager fido2 Question and Storage Location

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I plan to upgrade my eset internet security version to the premium version but I have a Question before I do that.

I have a fido2/webauth fingerprint sensor which is also compatible with Windows Hello. I would like to use as less password as possible an try to use a password manager and for verify my identity a fingerprint. I also have a authentication by smartphone but these is not so comfortable. So It ist possible to use these nice Hardware tool for using a fingerprint exept a master password, or as a second Login method an the master password as a backup.


The Second Question ist the database only localy storage or when it ist storage on a cloud what security is given for safe the database.

I have a registered version installed an i don't want to install a demo version before my version is going to renew in autum.

Thanks for info



Sorry for my english i'm from germany :-)


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