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servers not reached

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Guest Bart

I get this message about: the Eset Push Notification servers could not be reached.

This notification  along with a second one keeps coming back.

I click on the : "allow access..............." some Eset page opens,  but the warning stays.

No idea how or what this means. Never saw this message before.






ps: very disapointed I can not speak to a real person!!!


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Unfortunately you have posted anonymously as a guest so we have no information about your license and the country you are from. Please sign up for this forum since one of the rules of this Quick questions forum is that reporting issues requires you to sign in.

The message means that ESET cannot communicate with epns.eset.com om port 8883

If you have a firewall, most likely it's blocking the communication. Also it could be your ISP that it has some restrictions in place.

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