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Does your vendor app whitelisting process include connection blocking?

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We publish a Windows 10 app that communicates with a VR headset on the same LAN (behind the Wi-Fi Router firewall). ESET doesn’t identify our installed files on Windows as malware/PUPs (according to VirusTotal), but ESET Firewall does block incoming connections to our app from the VR headset (on unregistered ports our app uses). This has been a source of frequent support incidents from our users with ESET.

We prevent connection blocking in Windows Defender Firewall by calling an API from our signed/trusted setup program that create exceptions rules. How can we prevent connection blocking behavior in ESET, without requiring users to manually allow our app? Is port information included in vendor application whitelisting, or do we need to do something else?

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By default, the ESET firewall operates in automatic mode. In this mode all outbound communication is allowed and all non-initiated communication is blocked. If the user uses a server application on a remote server/machine that establishes communication with the client and is outside of the trusted zone, the user must create a firewall rule, unblock the communication via the firewall troubleshooting wizard or temporarily switch to interactive or learning mode to have the appropriate rule(s) created automatically.

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