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webcam protection is non functional

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Guest ibra

hi.    I updated my Internet Security to version yesterday.   Asked to restart I did and now I get a red security warning telling me that the protection to webcam is not functional.   Tried all the various tips but it wont work .  anyone can help pls. ?   I don't do my updates automatically , I do them manually on a daily basis.  I've been a customer for several years now and find this trouble quite anoying .  thanks

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This is a known issue on Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS after upgrade to v14.1. The issue occurs while fixing setup classes, the reason is not yet known; the issue doesn't occur on Windows 10.

Please try uninstalling ESET and installing v14.1 from scratch.

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Guest Stallion

My OS is windows 8.1 and I have the same problem after updating to version

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling eset and it did not solve the problem.

What should I do next?


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Please sign up for the forum and then create a new topic in the appropriate product forum.

Also provide:
- logs collected with ESET Log Collector
- a Procmon log from installation or a Procmon boot log from a system boot if ESET is already installed.

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Please carry on as follows:

- save the following to a plain text file fix.reg:



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



- open the reg file and import it to the registry
- reboot the machine

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