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Your system is exposed to risk

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Hi there in this past week ESET has came up a few times during using my computer saying your system is exposed to risk or maybe it is Windows?

When I click the notification it takes me to the license number page and so I put my license back in and it returns to normal which is weird.





Can anyone shed some light on my issue or will I just blame the latest Windows update? Normally Windows update does cause issues but never with ESET before


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If you are able to reproduce it when Windows is already started and you don't disable any of the protection modules, I'd recommend opening a support ticket with your local ESET distributor for further troubleshooting.

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Thanks for replies, I'll try and capture more information when it does it next.

Not sure about my local ESET dist, I am a sole person I purchased this via Amazon last year but looking into it tonight the seller wasn't ESET and another third party seller on Amazon for £19.99 I'll shoot them a message and make sure they aren't a bit dodgy I've just read a load of common threads on the forum and I might have been screwed possibly here.

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