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Address has been blocked, but I haven't entered any website?

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So in the past month, this keeps popping up, I have tried to block the site from trying to do anything in google chrome, since it only pops up when I am using chrome, such as blocking it from redirecting and etc., however I see no redirects in my chrome when this happened not even an ESET screen that says Website blocked, Just nothing at all. This pops up around once every 2-1 days and will pop up again in a minute or so before popping up again in around 2-1 days

I'm not sure how to share this photo into this forum so here's the link, i am very sorry for the inconvenience https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pkiX-PIlGT8RUrLt-df_pu-nKMgX4zet/view?usp=sharing



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The URL will be unblocked. Obviously something on your machine was attempting to determine your public IP address. You can check the Filtered websites log for information about the application that attempted to access the url.

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