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Event Log reference documentation for SIEM


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I'm trying to integrate the logs from our ESET endpoint solution into an opensource SIEM tool. There is no existing rules for analysing logs that I can find so building my own. 

Until now I've written a rule for the log types that we've seen, and allocated importance (priority/severity/risk) to them. However, what I don't have is the definitive list of all the logs that may, in the future be sent out of ESET. It's important for me to classify and capture the really important logs but I need a list of what they might be. Other vendors I've worked with publish this info, but I can't find it for ESET. 

Where might I get this? Does it ESET keep this secret for some reason? Other SIEM solutions, especially commercial ones, must have this info to be able to integrate ESET into their software. 


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