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How does Eset know, when to ask for the secure browser?

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Guest Patrick

Hi, I work as an software developer and we just found out, that the eset anti virus is blocking one of our requests in the frontend. It blocks the request and blocks it. The eset sends back the http code 302, so that an redirect should happen, but because this is an api call, redirects are not handled. We are nor worried, why eset intercepts this special call from us. 

Is there an technocal documentation on how the secure banking interceptor works? For which api calls will eset ask, if it should open the secure browser? Unfortunately our site is currently broken for eset users because of this... 

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Is there a specific Internet banking web page on which users are unable to log in to IB because of redirection to a secure browser? What website / page are you referring to?

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Eset uses an internal whitelist to determine what financial web sites that redirect to its hardened Banking and Payment Protection web page. These are usually major banking sites and payment facilitators such as PayPal. I doubt your web site falls into these categories. What is the URL for your web site?

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