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After reboot: Deep scan of all external and internal drives

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Hi there,

I  have seen this topic in variations in this forum without any solution whatsoever. This is the mac edition now.

When I restart my iMac (BigSur 11.2), Eset 6.10.600.0 deep scans all my external drives. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of files. 

This is not the initial scan, as this one was finished a day earlier, because I re-installed eset three days ago, after it finally seems to work with Big Sur  (three months in which I paid for a subscription, where the app was not supposed to work, thank you very much.)

I can honestly say, that I do not understand any of these settings. There are settings, there are tools, there are settings with settings, there settings for individual computer scans, and if you click on them the information you get is absolutely non-self-explicable (goes the same with the manual). Let's not talk about GUI here, it is simply painful. And I've been a programmer for twenty years now. Either I'm stupid or these explanations do not serve any purpose but the programmer's needs and not the user's. Maybe that's worth an update in the future...

Be that as it may, I haven't changed any setting yet. This is original installation. I doubt that in the original installation settings every drive is being deep scanned, whenever I reboot the system. 

How can I stop this, extremely power hungry scan in a way that I am still protected to a certain extend without having to stare at the activity monitor why I cannot use my computer because there are five deep scans running at the same time, which have been finished six hours ago already.

Because if I can't stop this, then I can't work on this machine. If I can't work on this machine, then I don't need it and will have to end my subscription of this app. 

Forgive my frankness, but after trying to deal with this for the past six hours, I am quite frankly done with this for today and I hate to ask for help, because the standard answers are RTFM or that the user must have done something wrong, because he's stupid. And that's not a way to deal with customers who pay for a service.

Thank you very much. I know I am not the only one with this problem, unfortunately I cannot find a solution.

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Surprise, in one last effort I seem to have found it. I have entered a menu which you seem you can only edit if you click on the eset symbol in the menu bar. You click on Preferences ("Voreinstellungen") and then you select the scan-profile deep scan and disable the drives.

This solved it. 

Now guys, there's one problem left: This GUI is terrible.

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