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after install Endpoint Security, my remote desktop stop working

Good Boy

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Hi, i decided to install Eset Endpoint security v5 on my Windows 10 Server Essential

my problem is after my server was restarted, i couldn't connect with remote desktop to my server, and i contacted to my server support and they could connect to my server and disable Eset Essential security's firewall

so my question how i manually allow remote desktop work without any problem in port 1779 (i changed rdp to this )

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Do you mean ESET Endpoint Security v8? V5 is a legacy version and should not be installed any more.

In v8 RDP is allowed in the trusted zone by default. You can either add the IP addresses from which you connect to the trusted zone or create a new permissive rule for RDP with remote IP addresses listed on the Remote tab of the rule.

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