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Dynamic Template Rule to exclude devices where specific user is assigned.

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Hi there,

would be happy to get some help with this question:

- I synchronized our AD-Users to ESET
- I know how dynamic templates work, roughly
- I created a dynamic templates that takes all devices from a certain subnet
- Now I want to assign a policy to this dynamic template, to every device within - EXCLUDING one certain device that a vip-user is using
- That certain device is assigned to this user under "Computer Users"

Is this possible via dynamic templates? I can't seem to find a rule for this that works (something like "Exclude where assigned user name is "name of person").
Is there a better way to do this? I want to avoid excluding the device by ip (it may change).

I appreciate input, thank you.

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Under the dynamic group I would create 2 subgroups. For one I'd use the expression "computer is" and select the machine on which a policy should not be applied and the other one with the expression "computer is not" which would contain all other machines. Then you could assign common policies to the parent DG which will be then inherited by children DG. You could then assign also different policies to the children DG.

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