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PROTECT Dynamic Group Fail: No Standard IP Subnetwork Format

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When creating a Dynamic group under ESET protect, there is an option to use IP Subnetwork as a category to group hosts. This is the "Network IP addresses . IP subnetwork" expression field.

The issue is it appears to be a proprietary subnet format. CIDR notation doesnt work, and standard IP ranges dont work ( or - After looking at some forum posts which suggest trying wildcards or some other formats, those also fail.

Please update the software to use a standard IP subnet format that the rest of the industry uses. There is no reason that this dynamic group expression isn't as intuitive as 1 2 3, its an IP subnet, it should accept as an input seamlessly.

Is there anyone here who can provide the details on the hidden proprietary IP range format? It would help if the software told you the expected format when you select it, so I don't have to go searching google and posting on forums to find out how to type a subnet.

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