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Missing Kernel Extension inferred from: kextstat | grep -iv 'apple'

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I am trying ESET Cyber Security Pro. After installing the product I had inferred the presence of 3 kernel extensions. One of these, having rkd, has vanished from the list. For confirming that this were not by virtue of updating, I uninstalled the product and reinstalled with no internet connection. The presence of only two extensions persisted. Am I missing some point here, please?

Thanks a lot.

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@Marcos Thanks for replying. This seems to be a piece of the kernel extension name identifier of ESET that was being listed and is not being listed anymore. After installation, subsisted 3 kernel extensions having ESET name identifiers according to kextstat command. One of these, having this "rkd" substring within the kernel extension name, just vanished. Just 2 subsist now. As reported, I uninstalled ESET (since the Product accomplished updates in the meantime), and reinstalled to see whether the original extensions were listed. But not. Then, since I was trying the product, I purchased a 1y activation signature, but the extension remains not listed. Since kernel extensions are important to the system, as well as regarding ESET, i would like to know the purpose of that kernel extension that has not been listed anymore.

Thanks a lot.


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These have been found [*] marking that has not been loaded anymore, even under the reinstallation scenario previously decribed. By virtue of the nomenclature, it has been raised to my attention that the extension that is not being loaded may stand for rootkit detector/daemon...

sudo find / -iname '*eset*kext*'
/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/cache/data/rkd/EsetRkdC.kext [*]
/Library/StagedExtensions/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/cache/data/rkd/EsetRkdC.kext [*]
/Library/StagedExtensions/Applications/ESET Cyber Security Pro.app/Contents/PlugIns/kext/esets_pfw_64_109.kext
/Library/StagedExtensions/Applications/ESET Cyber Security Pro.app/Contents/PlugIns/kext/esets_kac_64_109.kext

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