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Anti theft portal cannot set the security password on the phone

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I have "ESET Mobile Security" 64 bit, version on Samsung Galaxy S20 with Android 11.

The Anti Theft portal tries to set a security password I set - onto the phone, showing "Setting new Security password on the device" for a long time but ends with an error text of "Security password could not be set on the device." - and this is while the phone is connected to the internet (I tried both via local Wi-Fi and using the cellular network, but it made no difference) and running the general test from the portal works fine (taking IP address, location and images and sending them to the portal).

Clicking the "try again" after fail doesn't work.

Rebooting the phone and trying again didn't help.

On the phone ESET gui the "Anti theft" feature states if is fully optimized and there are no issues to fix.

What can I do?

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