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Win 10 Upgrade V5 to V8


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Am in the process of remotely upgrading about 20 office PC's, that have previously been upgraded from Win 7 to 10, but the E-Set V5 installation has remained in place. At the same time decommissioning ERAC and moving to ESet Protect that I have running in a VM.

When upgrading I either get error MSI.1921 or 2753. I've disabled the GPO that originally triggered the V5 install. The solutions i'm seeing appear to involve removing E-Set in safe mode.

As I'm remote from the site that is awkward. Is there a better solution?



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If Endpoint v5 was deployed via GPO, it may be inevitable to remove it via GPO too prior to proceeding with installation of Endpoint v8 if you want to avoid running the uninstall tool in safe mode.

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