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How can I delete a file from several PC from the EMSC?


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I am managing the EMSC with ESET installed on around 1000 devices and we are having some files blocked or retained by ESET, how can we delete them from all the targeted PC?


image.png.a68db1882d0e49d0e8db7b3b8e9bc440.png    image.png.25bf90a489aeb13c1ff751faf440de5d.png 


Thank you for your answers and help





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43 minutes ago, Lio said:

Ok I will  as soon as possible
Thank you @Marcos

Someone posted a solution for mindspark although I've never had the issue so never tried it. This solution is just from a user and not a member of eset - just clarifying that for safety

Not sure if it's a website or an addon that causes this although it seemed to be neither for the user 


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