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The process of 64 bit ESS is 32 bit?

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I installed a 64-bit ESS. But I saw a process "ekrn.exe" with a tag "*32". Does it mean that the kernel of the software is still 32-bit? Only the GUI process is 64-bit? I'm a bit confused.


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Right, ekrn is 32-bit. It wouldn't bring any substantial benefits if it was 64-bit so why to reinvent the wheel? :)

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Hello :)


Quote from PR. 

it is and it is not as well. The architecture of our product is quite complicated, it has the kernel, multiple drivers, modules and so on. All crucial parts running in kernel mode are 64 bit as far as they has to be. They ensure redirection of scanning requests to the scanning core. The usermode parts could be 32 bit or 64 bit as far as all processors used in standard PCs and servers have support for both instructions sets. The 64 bit architecture has many advantages, but disadvantages as well. For example memory consumption is higher on 64 bits. One of our advantages has always been low system footprint and we will try to keep it in the future for sure. 


Quote from AG.
A properly-written 32-bit app can run faster than a 64-bit app and consume less memory, just like a properly-written single-threaded app can outperform a multi-threaded one..  Keep in mind that some of the portions of ESET's code, where speed and memory consumption are a paramount, are written in x86 assembly that has been through multiple iterations of performance optimization review by both optimizing compilers and by hand.  Switching that out would likely result in slower code that utilized more resources.  The general rule-of-thumb is that ESET's engineers look at both x86 and x64 code, and use whichever has the least negative impact on system performance.  That's why you see instances of x86 code in some places--there's simply no benefit to the end user in having 64-bit code there.
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Are ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus native 64-bit applications?
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