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ESET Business client activation


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I manage client licenses through Eset Administrator. The license pool is activated, all clients on the local LAN activate, get updates, etc

I have a number of computers on a customers domain, with a network link between my office and theirs. With limited access through firewall rules. These computers have their own internet access but connection to the Eset Activation Servers is blocked.

They were activated previously via a wireless dongle, everything had been ok for the last 12 months. The license was renewed on the server and local computers successfully. But the remote computers have not automatically renewed.

They are connecting to my Eset Admin server, getting updates regularly. When I try using the Activate Task on the Admin server, it fails.

Should the activation function work ?

Is there a different port required to be open through the firewall to allow the activation to occur ?

Or do all of the remote clients need access to the Eset Activation Servers via the Internet


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Computers can be activated:
1, Online - either by directly connecting to ESET's activation servers or via an http proxy, if configured in the security product
2, Offline - by using an offline license file generated via the EBA portal.

In your case you should use an offline license file to activate the offline computers. After renewal you must generate a new offline license file and re-activate clients.

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