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ess.thumb.PNG.872a96f1761ff73fea7d4d1ab44261c3.PNGA couple of weeks ago, after a module update, ESS stopped prompting for interactive mode. I googled a bit, then uninstalled and reinstalled the product. Now I have interactive prompts, once again, but I am failing to load a driver. So - Again, after googling, I uninstalled and reinstalled, 2 more times, with same results. Unfortunately, I did not capture the river name, but the 'more info' button went to KB2788. Ant clue as to what might be going on?  Here is what I now see:


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Do you have Windows 7 SP1 as well as updates KB4474419 and KB4490628 adding SHA-2 support installed?

Did you try uninstalling ESET and downloading and installing the latest version from scratch?


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Thanks for the reply.

Uninstalled and reinstalled, 3 times, as I stated in original post.

Of course I have SP1, kb4490628, and kb4474419.

And once again, all was working fine, for 8 months, until about 2 weeks ago, when a module update occurred.

I have scanned with Eset and Malwarebytes.

My other machine, win10x64, is working correctly.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @MusicLovr,

can you please try to switch the update channel to pre-release updates, run the update and once complete perform a full reboot?

I had a similar case reported, which has been fixed by Firewall module 1420 (currently available on pre-release).

Please let us know, if that resolved the issue for you.

If not please provide us with the logs, as Marcos asked for...


Regards, Peter

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uninstalling using the removal tool as suggested by Marcos, ensures that all files will get removed. this includes old registry keys and files like the above mentioned driver.
i'd suggest to remove it using the tool to be sure that nothing from old installations will remain.

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