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Eset Security Not Running In Safe Mode Windows 10

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Guest HabitsMan

Hello. I booted up in safe mode on windows 10 and wanted to run an Eset scan on my C drive, as when I scan the drive in the normal boot up environment, it always says I can't access the files due to them being in use by another application, or there not being sufficient memory available. However, when I type in the proper command at the command prompt, all I get is the following:


Scan started at: .....
name="c:\dumpstack.log.tmp", result="", action="", info="unable to open"

name="c:\hiberfil.sys", result="", action="", info="unable to open"

name="c:\pagefile.sys", result="", action="", info="unable to open"

It scans along slowly, but each new entry displays "unable to open" for the info section.

Why is it that Eset can't access the system files when that is what it is designed to do? I can scan files on my USB drive, but all my C files keep returning the same unable to open message when opening. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Those files are used exclusively by Windows. Neither 3rd party applications nor malware can access them. You'd need to boot from another medium to make the files accessible.

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Guest HabitsMan

So it doesn't mean that my computer has been compromised and has suffered an infection then?

Thank you for the response.

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no. your pc is fine. hiberfil and pagefile are integral files of the Windows OS and they are in use constantly as long as the pc is running.

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