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Unable to contol device with userlist ? Device control policy has changed?

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My comp  minxed up and I reinstallred WIN10. and ESET internet security and update


I have set all same with prev. setting.

when I set Device control  for PRINTER (USB) , device control userlist can not be selected. It has been changed to UNCONTROLLED.


Eset updated this policy recently ?

I can not control device ( Printer,  bluetooth  etc ) with Userlist (with my local account )


before I reinstall ESET this time, it all has been working !!


Why U changed this policy rule



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Unfortunately you didn't mention what version you had previously installed. If it was possible to select users in older versions, maybe it turned out it didn't work and therefore this option was disabled for specific devices.

You can contact customer care if you want to confirm my theory.

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