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Clipboard sharing blocked by ENDPOINT Security


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Im using InputDirector (ID) to share keypad and mouse between computers.

Very often Im copying clipboard from one computer to another one. This functionality is suddenly not working, Im suspicious its caused by some upgrade of ENDPOINT Security.

When I switched temporary off Firewall on source computer its working again.

I do also share folders and files and this is still working but not clipboard sharing. Message from ID is that 192.169.x.y is not responding.

I have tried to find any settings related this but found nothing.

I set Trusted zone for local network and " Allow sharing" is enabled and computer is visible (as I wrote file/folder sharing is working).


I have no idee what is wrong.

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What application do you use to copy the content of clipboard between computers? If disabling firewall helps, please do the following:

- enable logging of all blocked connections in the IDS setup

- clear the firewall log

- reproduce the problem

- post the firewall log here.

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