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How-to extend offline license clients?

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Hi ESET team,

i have just extended our license via EBA. The new license expire date has synced fine with our on-premise ESET Protect Server license.

We also have one existing offline license (40 count) where we serve XP clients in a DMZ enclave environment.

This license still shows the old expire date on our ESET Protect Server.

My question is what i need to do to get the offline license extended in ESET Protect console and what to do to keep the offline clients activated?



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  • Administrators

You will need to remove the old offline lic. files in EBA, create a new offline lic. file and use it to re-activate clients, e.g. via a product activation task.

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Do i need to wait till the old offline license has expired? or can i already push a new generated offline lic to all these offline clients?

Further could i also setup a dyn. group (not activated endpoint) with an automatic task who will push the new lic once a endpoint report back to our ESET server as "not activated"?

We have this automatic process for the regular "online" license, will it work equal with the offline lic?


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  • ESET Staff

Hello @HSeber - you can replace the offline license file anytime.  And yes, you can setup a dynamic group, that will activate a not activated client automatically, even when offline license is to be used. The task itself does not differentiate between the fact whether it is an offline file, or standard license. 



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Hm, do i need to following this KB which will use the "Software Install" task to download the *.lf file from a internal source to the client:
[KB7656] Activate ESET business products using ESET PROTECT in offline environment

or can i simply use the "Product Activation" task and select the new generated and imported offline license file?


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  • ESET Staff

You can use the product activation task, to deliver the client. 

So do the following: 

  1. Login to protect
  2. Navigate to licenses tab, click "add license", choose the option for "offline file" and copy the token
  3. Navigate to EBA to the place where offline file is generated, add there the token, and generate the LF 
  4. Import the LF into the protect
  5. Create a new "product activation task", targeted to the clients activated using the offline file. 
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